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Welcome to daVOTE system for the

Hi I am Remali. My friends, Maya, Johnna, and I decided to create an online mock voting system. We named it MOCKdaELECTION (Thank you Johnna). Since we are all 8th grade students, we really wanted to explore our world and learn more about politics and our political system.

We created an easy system, which allowed everyone to vote but also some FUN and serious options to the voting system. We hope with all this work, we can continue doing this for our next election. For more information on our thought process we will have a blog and open comments so we can make this a global community project.

NOW – LET’S VOTE (or not vote and still be heard).

It’s easy. Only 2 steps. You do NOT need to register.

#1. Make your selection.

#2. Take a picture of the code generated and post it on Social Media and tag us.

That’s it.


We wanted to draw all the candidates but we ran out of time.

Trump, Bernie, Hillary

Trump, Bernie, Hillary


Disclaimer: We don’t collect any personal data. So we have nothing to share.


  1. You may only vote ONCE. If you vote a second time, but do not verify it through Instagram, we will disqualify that vote because it will have no verification.
  2. To Verify that you have voted, you MUST screenshot the final verification message generated on and post it on Instagram using the hashtags #mockDAelection #everyageCA and tagging @mockDAelection in order for us to count your vote as a valid selection of a candidate. If you fail to verify your vote, the computer will not count it as valid when it tabulates the votes.
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