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When no other form of writing can express my thoughts, ideas, story, or explanation, I write poetry. When I feel the need for structure and organization, I write an essay.
Trump, Bernie, Hillary

The Election

For the 2016 election my friends Maya, Johnna and I created a mock election. While we working we looked at the issues of voting online, the different options we could give the voters, and a way for all voice, young or old, to be heard. Here is project MockDaElection 2016. It's only fair to share...


I enjoy working with film and doing black and white photography. It's only fair to share...

I am an American

I am an American is a poem about my views of America. My perspective might not exactly concur with your ideas of the place you call home, or a vacation area, or the place you watch from across the world, but this is my outlook and I hope you respect it. As a matter of […]